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- Default check-in / check-out time

Charter contract begins at 17:00 on the day of the charter and

checkout is at 08:30 on the last day of the charter.

*Please note the yacht should be returned to the base a day before the end of the charter contract,

at 18:00 for check-out procedure, (refueling of the boat, diver inspection, check-out).


* 40% of the charter rate if the booking is cancelled at any time up to 8 weeks prior to the start date

* 60% of the charter rate if the booking is cancelled at any time up to 6 weeks prior to the start date

* 100% of the charter rate if the booking is cancelled within 6 weeks prior to the start date


[First payment | Second payment]:

• 50% down payments within five working days from booking confirmation

• 50% final payment, 45 days prior to departure

• If payments are not made within the above dates, bookings will be cancelled

** Payments can be made by Bank Transfer


A refundable security deposit is requested, at the commencement of the charter, (3500 eur),

against the possibility of any loss, or accident, equipment, or third party, or late redelivery of the boat.

The amount is payable by credit card (visa or master) and is refundable upon the completion of the charter.


In case of COVID19 event resulting in a cancellation of booking that is totally beyond the CHARTERER's or the OWNER's control, all amounts are refundable, except for the first down payment which is turned into a voucher for use for a future booking with the same Yacht during the following two (2) years.

If not used, then it shall be returned, less any relevant expenses.

Exceptionally, the full amount will be returned (instead of voucher issue) if the country of embarkation employs measures disallowing entry to foreigners altogether (total lockdown) or sailing altogether (i.e. not allowing embarking a vessel and legally leaving harbor). In such cases all amounts, less relevant expenses, shall be returned in full.

It is clarified that the effort here is for both CHARTERER and OWNER to be protected from losses,

up to a fair and just extent. As such, a cancellation due to a COVID19 reason is termed as:

"Not being able to arrive to and embark the Yacht and/or legally leave harbor on the date/time of embarkation, or at least 48hrs later or 1/3 of the charter period, whichever is less, due to restrictions/issues/complications created by the COVID19 outbreak (or similar global issue) that are completely beyond the CHARTERER's and/or the OWNER's control."

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